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“In my role as a conductor and producer of recordings with orchestras, I get to see, sample and perform an astonishing array of new music. In this capacity, I run across a lot of music of all qualities.

David Sartor's music is like a breath of fresh air! It is well thought out and the work of a true craftsman. His musical lines and textures, while being new and - dare I say - 'modern', are completely idiomatic and fresh sounding without being annoying and self-serving. I am truly impressed by the pieces and by the composer. These are very cool pieces!”

Robert Ian Winstin
Conductor, Masterworks of the New Era Label, ERM Media

Metamorphic Fanfare

“The concert opened with the world premiere of Tennessee composer David Sartor's Metamorphic Fanfare, commissioned by the KSO. A piece with thundering percussion and heralding from the horns and brass, with shimmering connective tissue, it effectively foretold of events to come."

Harold Duckett
The Knoxville News-Sentinel

"David Sartor's '[Metamorphic] Fanfare' is reminiscent of Copland's 'Fanfare for the Common Man,' but features the entire orchestra, with grandiose writing for the brass and percussion sections and colorful flourishes for the woodwinds and strings."

Sonny Marble
Florida Today

"It must be said that the Metamorphic Fanfare by David Sartor was a great show opener, or, to keep the metaphor rolling, an exceptionally tasty appetizer. Rarely has something written in dear old C Major been so instantly appealing, so fascinatingly complex."

Nancy England
The Oak Ridger

"A very exciting piece and a wonderful addition to the repertoire."

JoAnn Falletta
Music Director and Conductor, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

"'Metamorphic Fanfare' is a real crowd-pleaser, and fun to play by the musicians."

Christopher Confessore
Music Director and Conductor, Brevard Symphony Orchestra
Resident Conductor, Alabama Symphony Orchestra

"'Metamorphic Fanfare' is fresh and invigorating."

Robert Ian Winstin
Conductor, Masterworks of the New Era Label
ERM Media

"...the Mozart symphony seemed to suffer a bit in scale on this occasion from having to follow the rhythmic variety and the brash and bold 20th-century textures of Dukas, Van Vactor, and Sartor."

Alan Sherrod
Metro Pulse

"Short, sweet, and to the point. A job well done."

Daniel Asia

"It is a masterpiece, and can be a part of anyone's orchestra library."

Jim Bermann
Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet, Palm Beach Pops, Sunset Entertainment, Florida Wind Symphony, Florida Atlantic University.

"..wonderfully crafted...Sartors' use of brass instruments is cunningly clever and well placed in the audio spectrum."

Thy Light Is Come

"I have always been a great fan of 'Thy Light Is Come'. You have helped me realize a very special dream not only in being able to perform it in the company of its extremely gifted creator (and heck of a nice guy too!), but perform it all dressed up in wonderful brass/timpani finery. What a rush!

If you ever need a press agent, look no further! I absolutely LOVE this piece!"

J. Reilly Lewis
Music Director, Cathedral Choral Society
Washington National Cathedral
Washington, D.C.

"The performance went supremely well, and the brass writing lifts an already fine piece into the stratosphere. The Choir loved it, as did the congregation, and there is no doubt that we will be performing it again. I should add that the brass players really enjoyed playing it too, and that's always a sure sign of a well-crafted piece. I feel so pleased to have found such a meaty work for Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, one that is so rewarding to work on, and which stands as such a fine vehicle for the text.

'Thy Light is Come' is a magnificent piece of choral music, and it was a privilege to perform it."

Neil Weston
Music Director, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
Great Falls, VA

“I just want to tell you what a pleasure it was for all of us at the National Cathedral to do Thy Light Is Come. Since your piece was at the end, it really put the exclamation point on a fantastic concert. We are all talking about how well you write for the building, and for brass. We are also hoping to do some of your other works. Thanks again for the great music.”

Jon Bruno
Vocal Soloist and Cathedral Choral Society member

Concerto for Orchestra

"'Concerto for Orchestra' is a true tour-de-force for the ensemble and quite a treat to conduct."

Robert Ian Winstin
Conductor, Masterworks of the New Era Label
ERM Media

"[Mr. Sartor's] sense of orchestration and form is quite striking."

JoAnn Falletta
Music Director and Conductor, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Veni Emmanuel

"The Indiana Wind Symphony is always thrilled to introduce new works to the audiences of Central Indiana, but the ensemble members have especially enjoyed working on Veni Emmanuel, and have been uniformly impressed with the composer's innovative approach to instrumentation and to colors and with his skill at writing for the different instruments."

Charles Conrad
Music Director, Indiana Wind Symphony


"David P. Sartor's 'Reveries' for string orchestra was a 7-minute work, attractive and tonal, with just enough harmonic and rhythmic dissonance to keep it interesting...this work is well [worth] hearing again."

Jim Lowe
Vermont Times Argus

“Reveries...acutely and precisely evokes the deep, dark introspective mood..that sense of - at times - being painfully cut adrift - to then search for resolution without success and to finally simply find peace in ultimate resignation. Wonderfully apt work."

Les Marsden
Music Director, Mariposa Symphony Orchestra

Black Ball Counts Double

"...mischievously playful..."

Heather Zimmerman
Los Gatos Weekly Times

"If someone is looking for a short, energetic work for a string group that can tolerate a little dissonance and handle whole-tone scales, this just might fit the bill! Audience reaction was positive. Nice work!"

Emily Ray
Music Director, Mission Chamber Orchestra

"Terrific piece - lots of fun!"

Robert Ian Winstin
Conductor, Masterworks of the New Era Label
ERM Media