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Commissioning is the process of engaging a composer to create a new composition for a specific occasion or purpose. Pieces can be of any desired length and written for any size ensemble, and can vary in difficulty as requested. Public concerts, recitals, private parties, weddings, religious services, or the commemoration of significant milestones all offer excellent opportunities for new musical works.

Anyone can commission a work!  A significant number of commissions come from individuals who are not musicians but wish to be a positive force in bringing a new musical work to life. Throughout history, the collaborative relationship between composer and commissioner has yielded some of our most beloved concert masterpieces, and continues to do so today.

Commissioning a new work is a win-win!  Because I make a point to get to know the performers slated to premiere the piece, I can tailor the work to feature the strengths of those specific musicians. I encourage the commissioner to be very specific about the type of piece needed – introspective, festive, meditative, or a brilliant concert opener or closer. Budgets can be flexible and creative. The commissioner will receive full credit for commissioning the work - both in the score and at the premiere - and will be forever linked with the commissioned piece as it is published and performed through the years. It’s a wonderful way to invest in the music of our time!

If you’ve heard my works in concert or on a recording, or have explored the sound and video files on this web site and are thinking about commissioning a work from me – thanks for your interest!  I pride myself on being flexible and customer-oriented, and would enjoy talking with you about the type and scope of the project you have in mind. I invite you to contact me to begin a preliminary no-obligation discussion.